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First Parent/Teacher/Trust Meeting of HPP

A full turn out of all 20 pupil’s parents and guardians to the 1st Parents/Teacher/Trust meeting of the new Hangberg Pre-Primary School 1st class held on Monday 4 August 2014. Monthly meetings have been requested by the group of enthusiastic and motivated parents after the meeting to follow their children’s progress. Our Trust and School will assist parents and guardians at this meeting with handouts and tips on what they can do at home to assist in their children’s development and progress at school.

Hangberg Educational Trust:

The Hangberg Educational Trust was established by 2 founding volunteers and 5 Trustees in May 2012. Founded on the belief that in tough socio-economic environments the cycle of weak coping mechanisms and poor parenting skills cannot be broken without quality early childhood interventions, they set themselves to provide quality pre-school infrastructure to 300 children by the end of 2016. Based on a Memorandum of Agreement between the Trust and Sentinel Primary School, the Ministry of Education allocated a part of the school’s land for the trust to develop the Hangberg Pre-Primary School. In spite of a lack of funding, Hangberg Pre-Primary School still managed to open its doors in a temporary, spare classroom at Sentinel Primary School on Monday 21 July 2014 to 9 eager learners, increased to 20 little ones by Friday 24 July 2014. The team is focusing significant efforts on fundraising to build the centre. The full economic cost for this quality centre has been set at R4million by the Trust’s Quantity Surveyor. Some funds have been raised from other NGOs as well as one corporate, but further sponsorships for the building is required.
For more information contact HET.