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History of Hangberg Educational Trust as at 30 July 2015

May 2012 to Feb 2013: HET was incorporated as a Trust by the Master of the Court on 23 May 2012 with two volunteer executive members (Tania Gray and Marquerithe Schreuder) and five trustees. The period May 2012 to February 2013 was a time of many frustrations and learnings. The vision of providing improved infrastructure to 4 private-managed crèches in Hangberg did not come to fruition mainly due to reluctance of the four crèche “owners” to commit to comply with Department of Social Development’s minimum requirements for Early Childhood facilities.

Feb 2013 to April 2013: The HET team consequently focused its energies on Hout Bay Educare – a registered crèche for 110 children in desperate need of renovation and strong management skills. In February 2013 the team was in the process of obtaining significant funding and a 15 year lease with City of Cape Town so as to develop a new and safe centre. By April 2013 the instability of the surrounding area of Hout Bay Educare was making it close to impossible to develop a safe, well managed pre-school on erf 1794.

May 2013 to May 2014: After consultation amongst trustees, the team, the principal of Sentinel Primary School (Ms Amanda Engelbrecht) and School Governing Body, it was decided to pursue a development within the Primary School grounds. In August 2013, based on a Memorandum of Agreement between the Trust and Sentinel Primary School, permission was granted for the use of a part of Primary Schools land by the Ministry of Educations MEC Donald Grant. This permission was subject to the approval of all building plans by Public Works.

HET building plans









New School Building Plans and Design: In May 2014 the Department of Public Works approved the new pre-school. The building comprises a contemporary design of light-weight timber and metal sheeting by renowned architect Dawid de Vaal. It is an inspiring, authentically South African design with a focus on quality pre-school child development and optimal use of land. Key design elements include high levels of security, an outside undercover play area, loft rooms, sufficient lock up storage, separate entrance for deliveries, two toilets per class room, an outside amphi-theatre, water tanks, a one-way glass observation room and more. The design is an elevated timber structure of gum poles and the South African Pine (SAP) substructure is clad externally with metal sheeting. The raised building capitalises on the scenic views and allows for the migration of sand. The elevation also makes space for the additional undercover playing area. The size of the site is 1369m². The school has a gross construction area of 449m² plus an additional 431m² of external decks, ramps, paved playing area and the amphitheatre.

HET 2Lack of funding. In August 2013 the architectural plans were issued to the quantity surveyor, Sigma QS, for preliminary cost estimates. A detailed Bill of Quantities was prepared which was used to approach various possible contractors. Teknon Construction was identified as the preferred contractor from a cost side and their proven capability at Ikhaya Lethemba (see picture). A lack of funding put the building on hold, but not the Trust and its school!

HET3July 2014 to July 2015: In July 2014 HET grabbed the opportunity to loan a classroom for a limited period from Sentinel Primary School. In January 2015 the “loan” was extended to two classrooms. Hangberg Pre-Primary School (“HPP”) opened its “doors” after three weeks of renovations with guidance from Cecile & Boyd and work done by energetic Camps Bay High School pupils in lieu of their 67 minutes for Mandela. The 1st Grade R class commenced on Monday 21 July 2014 with 9 little boys. By December 2014 HPP had 24 children. By January 2015, HPP was completely oversubscribed with 85 children, numerous names on the waiting list and realistic capacity for only 60 children in two “loan” classrooms.

As at July 2015, R3.65million of the outstanding balance of R4.5million has been secured; assuming an exchange rate of ZAR13.25/€. In November 2014, after numerous due diligence visits and various meetings, a Rotary Club commitment of nearly R3million was agreed and signed. This commitment consists of ZAR350,000 from Rotary Club Am Kap (Sea Point) and friends plus a further €196,000 from German Rotary Clubs1. HET has R500,000 individual donor funds and close to R200,000 savings from fundraising activities.

In spite of a shortfall of around R850,000, the Trust is committed to the completion of a quality pre-primary school for 120 children by July 2016 especially in light of the over- subscription for pre-school places and the observed positive changes in the children, guardians and community over the past few months. It is believed that the shortfall might be raised in sufficient time and if not, certain extras can always be delayed.


JUNE 2015 JULY 2015


HET5In June 2015 HET was donated a quality 12.76 x 4.6m pre-fab classroom (with facilities for 3 toilets). It was a donation from the Phyllis Jowell Jewish School to Camps Bay High School. As CBHS could not use the classroom, it was agreed to donate it to HET. Based on a preliminary drawing by the Trust’s architect, Dawid de Vaal, the Trust and Sentinel Primary School agreed to incorporate the structure into the Joint Venture Agreement between the parties. It will be used as an aftercare centre for preschool children and a venue for volunteer activities such as extra reading in the mornings. The facility will be erected, managed and cared for by HET in a similar way as the new Pre- Primary School to be built in 2016.

Estimated Costing. A rough indication is that the concrete base (required for the structure), transport of the structure, repairs, three toilets etc., will be in the region of R200,000. These funds will need to be raised separately from the funds raised for the building thus far as the funders intent was for the new school building and not for an aftercare centre. At the same time the team is keen to carry out this quick win as the benefits are the more than just a reading room and possible aftercare space. A lot can be tested before building the big building in 6 months time. For example: ground quality, community involvement, impact on the school with builders coming and going and more.

Hence the executive team of HET is now also focusing on this fundraising requirement.

HET Executive Team: Tania Gray, Michele Harvey, Nicolette Rotter, Marquerithe Schreuder, Karen Temlett

Cape Town 30 July 2015

1 To hear more about Rotarys involvement and decision making, Rotary Am Kap spokesperson on the project, Friedrich Schaefer, can be contacted at or +27 82 806 2628.

To download the PDF click 20150730 HET & OMSFIN – History of organisation

Parents Evening

July 2015 HPP Parents Evening 1

It’s an exciting week here at HET and Hangberg Pre-Primary School. On Monday we celebrated our first birthday with all the children and last night (Tues 27th) we celebrated with their parents at parents evening.

An encouraging number of parents attended, five of whom have children who have been at the school since it’s inception.

Also this week is our annual Suikerbossie fundraiser dinner-dance rapidly approaching on Friday night.

The evening sees us raise money towards building HPP  a school of its own and due to the incredible generosity of our sponsors, donors and supporters we will be breaking ground in January. Watch this space!


July 2015 HPP Parents Evening2 July 2015 HPP Parents Evening

Happy 1st Birthday!

Hangberg Pre-Primary 1st Birthday PartyHangberg Pre-Primary School opened its doors on Monday 21 July 2014 in a classroom on loan from Sentinel Primary School in Hangberg, Hout Bay, with 9 brave little boys. Now the pre-school has two classrooms with 67 registered children. To celebrate our one year anniversary, a “little party” was planned for Monday 27 July 2015.

Through Hout Bay Organised, generous volunteers baked plenty of cupcakes for the children and parents. The kids waited in silent anticipation, sang “Happy Birthday” to the school and then, in even more silence, devoured each last crumb. It was a beautifully moving sight.

Hangberg Pre-Primary 1st Birthday CelebrationHangberg Pre-Primary 1st Birthday CelebrationThe moment was captured by an independent reporter,  Francesca Villette, and her very engaged photographer, Courtney Africa. So watch this space –  soon to be published: Hangberg Pre-Primary turns 1!

HET Biannual Lucky Draw

Eskom's load-shedding put paid to our professional photos, but couldn't dampen our spirits, with warm meal by candlelight and plenty of laughs!

Eskom’s load-shedding put paid to our professional photos, but couldn’t dampen our spirits, with a warm meal by candlelight and plenty of laughs!

Twice a year, in July and December, we hold a lucky draw for all the parents of Hangberg Pre-Primary (HPP) School, who have paid their school fees in full. The winner receives R1000.00.
The first of this year’s lucky draws took place yesterday on a loadshedded and wintery night. Seventy children attend HPP (founded in 2014). Of that, 23 parents qualified for an entry into the 2015 draw and despite the wet, cold and blustery weather, 10 parents braved the cold and dark to attend the draw.
The winner of the first 2015 HET Lucky Draw was Althea Arendse, who was presented with her prize money by one of the HET volunteers, Karen Temlett. A very happy Althea said she would be using it to buy food for her family. Making the best of the load shedding and cold, everyone had a warm meal by candlelight and a lot of laughs.
Congratulations Althea Arendse!

Our Second Classroom Is Ready

c2 3Our second classroom is ready for 2015,  a further intake of 30 children from Hangberg, Hout Bay. We are so proud of our Hangberg Pre-Primary School and the way it has developed and grown since July of this year.

Our pupils love their school and have all come such a long way in skills, behaviour and social interaction and have had experiences in an environment they would otherwise not have had.

We had the blessing from a silent sponsor for the revamp of the first Classroom and, believe it or not, the same silent sponsor came through a second time with a further donation as she was so impressed with what she saw and experienced in our school.

So here we come 2015 for another busy and awesome year educating the children of Hangberg.HPP Class roome 2

A Superb Display!

Our last Parent meeting for the 2014, was very well attended. The parents got to review the full work books of their children and all the beautiful work they had created on the walls and on display. Parents also viewed a presentation on the lap top of their children in action and interacting with their teachers and classmates.

Hangberg Pre-Primary School is in great demand and we will be opening a second class in January 2015 for children who need schooling. The children are happy and making remarkable progress.

In the Classroom

Our beautiful happy pupils working and playing in their well equipped and warm classroom. They love their teachers and arrive at school to a hot meal and fruit and a full lunch before going home.

We have created a safe learning haven for these children, who will be so well prepared for Grade 1 we anticipate very few failures in Grade 1 from our Hangeberg Pre-Primary School children as they will be so well prepared!

Exciting Times Ahead!

Our second parent meeting was held on Thursday 4 Sep 2014. We had an excellent turn out. Mrs Arn and the team are doing wonderful things with the 25 beautiful children, including early morning IT classes and some lovely Spring-time outings, such as Kirstenbosch. Boulders Beach up next!

In the meantime we are planning classroom 2… watch this space!