How it started

In 2013, in line with its key belief in quality early childhood interventions, Hangberg Educational Trust (HET) set its medium-term objective as the provision of affordable, sustainable infrastructure to 300 preschool children in Hangberg with its first project the Hangberg Pre-Primary School.

What we do

Since July 2014 HET has been running an independent school, Hangberg Pre-Primary School (“HPP School”), and started with classrooms “on loan” from Sentinel Primary School. The HPP School building for 120 preschool children was completed in September 2016 on the grounds of Sentinel Primary School.

HPP School provides a well-managed and properly staffed environment and includes a structured, playful school day in a safe environment with proper nutrition. Wordworks, an intensive early literacy programme, is delivered weekly by dedicated volunteers from the Hout Bay community to 120 Grade R learners. HPP School also targets parents and carers through services such as parent skills training.

The building

In 2013 permission was granted for the development of a preschool facility on the land of Sentinel Primary School by the Ministry of Education based on the Memorandum of Agreement between the Trust and Sentinel Primary School. Such a structure would not only benefit 120 preschool children but also the whole community as it is designed to host outdoor events using the small amphitheatre with disable-friendly access to toilets and cooking facilities.

During 2014 and 2015 the school plans were approved by Public Works and funds were raised. Incredibly, sixty percent of the required construction funds were donated by Rotary Club Am Kap (Sea Point) and their German Rotarian friends. Further required funds were donated by various caring donors and the Annual Dinner Dance where funds are raised by auctioning donated prizes. Sufficient funds were raised to enable the commencement of construction on 11 January 2016 with completion in September 2016.

The school and after-care facilities have a gross construction area of more than 500 m2 plus an additional 400 m2 of external decks, ramps, under-cover playing area and amphitheatre. Key design elements include an after-care facility, high levels of security, two toilets per class room, a separate service delivery entrance, sufficient storage rooms, an observation room, the undercover play area, an outside amphitheatre, a beautiful after-care cum reading centre and much more. The structure is elevated on gum poles and is clad externally with metal sheeting symbolically painted in the colours of the strong, hard-working, little Kingfisher bird. The raised building capitalises on the scenic views and allows for the migration of sand and also makes space for the undercover playing area.

From the official site-hand over on Monday 11 January 2016 up to completion not a minute was wasted or a drop of sweat spared. The amount of goodwill and positive energy the construction has raised has been overwhelming: most importantly in the community and at Sentinel Primary School, and also at governmental departments. For this HET must and always will wish to recognize the competent, hard-working and focused efforts of the building contractors: Teknon Construction (Johan Fick, Jan Plankies), MLB Architects (Herman Joubert, André vom Hagen), Dawid de Vaal Architects, Sigma Quantity Surveyors (Herman Mynhardt), KLS Engineers (Gerrit Steyn, Charl Hamman) and Safetycon (Jacques van Heerden). The bi-weekly site meetings were thrilling to say the least with always a plan to be made … and then pure hard work.

HPP School Building – Completion Certificates

  Approved drawings – Hout Bay – Hangberg Pre-Primary School – New Aftercare Centres. (email file)

  HPP School Certificate JBCC Practical Completion MLB Architects

  HPP School Certificate Structural Systems Compliance KLS Engineers

  HPP School Certificate Electrical Compliance

  HPP School Certificate Gas Compliance

  HPP School Certificate Plumbing Plumb4U

  HPP School Certificate Glazing Compliance Rainbow Glass & Aluminium

  HPP School Certificate Fire Extinguish Powder SABS Safequip

  HPP School Certificate Fire Extinguisher Portable SABS Safequip

  HPP School Certificate Fire Extinguishers SABS Safequip

  HPP School Certificate Safety Signs Compliance Jalite Pty (Ltd)