Leadership: Directors

Mark Allen is the Chairman of the Board of Hangberg Pre-Primary School NPC. Allen is a co-founder and director of the BETA Foundation. This Foundation aims to improve access of poorer communities to quality education in South Africa.
Amanda Engelbrecht is a director of Hangberg Pre-Primary School NPC. Engelbrecht has been a principal for many, many years. Engelbrecht is currently the District Head for South Peninsula public schools.
Marquerithe Schreuder is a director and treasurer of Hangberg Pre-Primary School NPC. Schreuder, a qualified actuary, has a passion for early brain development in less advantaged areas. She provides oversight of the school’s governance, risk management, financial planning and the school’s legal requirements.
Bianca van Gee joined the school in July 2017 and is the Head of Department at Hangberg Pre-Primary School NPC, so she takes care of curriculum and teacher delivery. She has obtained her NQF level 5 certificate in Early Childhood Education and is in the process of completing her Educational Degree. She is a truly passionate educator and a worthy team leader.