Legal Stuff

HPP School

Per the Memorandum of Understanding between HET and Sentinel Primary School, HET is responsible for all management of infrastructure, finances and staffing of HPP School. To deliver these requirements a separate Non-Profit Company with directors and Memorandum of Incorporation: Hangberg Pre-Primary School NPC Registration 2015/391883/08. The Memorandum of Incorporation states that the Non-Profit Company has one sole member name Hangberg Educational Trust.

All finances are coordinated through the HPP School ABSA bank account.

HPP School is managed in accordance with all relevant legislation relating to preschool education and care at independent schools including but not limited to Schools Act 2011, Department of Social Development requirements as well as the Companies Act, 2008. In this regard the following policies and procedures are abided by:

  HPP School Policy – Code of Conduct

  HPP School Policy – Discipline Policy

  HPP School Policy – HIV and Infectious Diseases

  HPP School Policy – Admission and Children with disabilities

  HPP School Procedures – Emergency Health Fire Evacuation

  HPP School Procedures – Child Abuse

  HPP School Policy – Employment

HPP School Disciplinary Code for employees

HPP School Policy – Asset Inventory

HPP School Form – Staff Computer Loan